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The Montreal Tinnitus Clinic is located in downtown Montreal
The services offered at the clinic are on a private basis.

The Montreal Tinnitus Clinic was founded more than ten years ago and since then, obtained a great reputation in the North American continent and even overseas for research and treatment of tinnitus, hyperacusis and balance disorders.

Our Team
The basis of the success of the Montreal Tinnitus Clinic is due to a multidisciplinary team of health professionals of the highest caliber who have already proven themselves in the treatment of these problems.

ENT doctors (otolaryngologists),Audiologists, Psychologists, Neuro-scientists and our experienced technicians with the latest advanced technology will put all their knowledge and our ultra-modern equipment to serve your relief.

Problems Treated

Tinnitus, hyperacusis, balance disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety.....

The Montreal Tinnitus Clinic, not only shares his discoveries to bring modern solutions to these diseases and disorders, but also on the lookout for the latest recognized scientific research that add new weapons to fight against these serious problems.

High frequency audiometry, tympanometry and acoustic reflex, psychoacoustic measurement of tinnitus, Tonie , Loudness (loudness match) masking threshold (Minimum Masking Level), residual inhibition, Acoustic Stimulation (SA), Magnetic Stimulation Trancrânienne repetitive (SMTr), Hearing Aid, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Electro-Stimulation touch (Brain Port), Biofeedback and neurofeedback.

Here are some of our team members who can answer your questions

Marcel Mazaltarim

marcel mazaltarimMarcel Mazaltarim has a Master degree in Science from New York University. He has been involved in various treatment centers for addiction, anxiety and depression. He has acquired experience in the clinical field and the managing aspects of the treatment.

Marcel has also been involved with individuals and corporations for occupational and professional issues related to transitions. He has been involved with research on tinnitus and various aspects of the treatment. Marcelacts as a service coordinator at the clinic.


Philippe Mazaltarim — Clinician in Neuromodulation

philippe mazaltarimPhilippe works as a clinician in the treatment of patients using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) in the Montreal Neurofeedback Center as well as the Neuromodulation Unit of the McGill University Health Center (MUHC), Royal Victoria Hospital.

His expertise also extends to other treatment modalities in the neuromodulation field such as Brainport and the PoNS device (Cranial Nerve Non-Invasive Neuromodulation (CN-NINM)). His knowledge and understanding of these techniques has brought him to work with patients with vestibular impairment, thus balance and gait problems. He treated patients with neurological problems such as post-concussive symptoms due to traumatic brain injury or neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis. He serves as research assistant in several clinical trials.

Philippe is a biofeedback trainer. He studied several forms of auto regulation such as heart rate variability training, yoga breathing techniques, Soto Zen Meditation. His 30 years of experience in the practice of Martial Arts brought him the necessary tools to enhance concentration, optimise breathing, manage muscles tensions, and to control mental states. Through his practice and his title of Shihan 5th Dan, he teaches his students the art of bringing spirit to a state of peace and clarity.

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