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Can a concussion cause hearing loss?

concussion petitConcussions can lead to temporary loss of hearing. There is usually no permanent damage to the auditory system, but it is at the level of the brain and its ability to process information that the problem occurs.

This is a breakthrough in the area as concussions were perceived as only affecting the cognitive functions of the brain. Well, they also affect perceptual functions.

Does the use of headphones favor hearing loss?

ecouteur petitThe short answer to this question is no. The use of headphones and earphones is not harmful. What is harmful is the intensity of the sound you are listening to. But not all headphones are made in the same way.

We are regularly subjected to ambient sounds of up to 85 decibels without any damage to the auditory nerve of the ear. To compare this sound level in everyday life, the sound coming from a dense and busy traffic in the city produces about the same level of decibels.

What are vestibular disorders?

problemes vestibulairesThey are all the conditions that can affect the vestibular system which is a sensory organ composed of the posterior labyrinth, the vestibulocochlear nerve and the corresponding encephalic nuclei.

There are three manifestations of vestibular disorders:

  • Dizziness
  • Muscle tone disorders
  • And involuntary oscillation movements of the eye known as nystagmus

Can hearing loss cause vertigo?

vertige maladie meniereWhat is vertigo? It's the feeling that everything spins around you or the feeling that you are moving even though you are not. So can hearing loss cause these symptoms?

There is certainly a relation between the loss of hearing and the appearance of vertigo for a very specific case: Ménière's disease. Ménière’s disease is present in some 615 000 people in the United States and approximately 45 000 new cases are discovered every year.

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