Can a concussion cause hearing loss?

concussion petitConcussions can lead to temporary loss of hearing. There is usually no permanent damage to the auditory system, but it is at the level of the brain and its ability to process information that the problem occurs.

This is a breakthrough in the area as concussions were perceived as only affecting the cognitive functions of the brain. Well, they also affect perceptual functions.
It is partly thanks to research by the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Montreal that we now have this information.
The study was conducted by an audiologist, Ms. Christine Turgeon, on 16 athletes aged 21-29. Some had had cranial trauma (1 to 5 in the last 10 years) and others hadn’t had any concussions.

The study compared the way in which sounds were perceived in both groups. Subjects who had suffered a concussion failed between 1 and 4 hearing tests. There is a variation in the symptoms which may be due to the severity of the trauma. To confirm this, more studies need to be done and the selection must be broadened.

Another study conducted by Northwestern University in the United States used electrodes to measure electrical signals produced by the brain on children who had sustained a concussion in the last 56 days compared to a test group of children who had no cranial trauma. Children with a concussion had a lesser reaction to the intensity of the sound. The test could predict 18 times out of 20 that a child had suffered a concussion and 19 times out of 20 that he had not suffered head trauma. Also, the test showed that children with hearing loss regained the ability to distinguish sound intensity to a certain level.

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