Acoustic Stimulation (AS) for the treatment of tinnitus

 Tinnitus can be reduced by the Acoustic Stimulation of the auditory cerebral cortex by means of personalized signals intended for listening.


More and more researchers accept the idea that cerebral plasticity is very involved in the implementation of the tinnitus.
Numerous results are in favour of the hypothesis that tinnitus would be similar to the perception of a ghost limb: it is the missing frequencies that are heard.
The same type of phenomenon was observed for another symptom: that of pain or the perception about a ghost limb.

It has indeed been noticed that certain amputees could perceive sensations in the physical zone which had been removed from them.

Because of the plasticity of the brain (or cortical reorganization), this one has the capacity to recreate somewhere else in the cerebral cortex a lost function.

The tinnitus can be reduced by the acoustic stimulation of the auditory cerebral cortex by means of personalized acoustic signals intended for listening.

stimulation-acoustique-pet-scanPET scan of a brain where tinnitus is active.These signals are called: spectral envelope of a hearing signal.

The dominant constituents of the tinnitus are located in the auditory loss; they correspond to a relatively wide frequency band and the spectrum of the tinnitus is practically the opposite of the hearing loss.

(NORENA Arnaud J. ; GOUREVICH Boris ; AIZAWA Naotaka ; EGGERMONT Jos J.)

The appearance of the tinnitus is usually associated with a certain loss of the hearing, typically in high frequencies, ie over the normal range of the spoken word. However, the audition of every person and the profile of its tinnitus are unique; in fact, this profile is generally different for every ear.

As the conditions of the tinnitus well seem to be the opposite of the hearing loss, we envisage a therapeutic strategy inspired by the therapies proposed for amputees to eliminate the sensation of ghost limb.

paxx100PAXX™ is an efficient and effective device for tinnitus management. It provides the latest in computerized diagnostic and treatment technology for tinnitus available today.

PAXX™ is an acoustical stimulation device that helps patient deal with their tinnitus. The sounds recorded on a PAXX™ device are custom-made for each patient, according to an evaluation made by a certified audiologist or ENT. PAXX™ is not a white noise generating device.

By listening to the sounds recorded on the audio device on a daily basis, the patient trains its brain to reduce the perception of tinnitus.

Endorsed by patients;

I used PAXX™ every day for three months and I barely notice my tinnitus now. It literally changed my life!

- J.C.

As a chef in my restaurant It became impossible to work in the noise of a Kitchen, my tinnitus was up to the ceiling. I used PAXX™ for 6 months, I am back to work, My Tinnitus is gone for days and When it is present it seems very remote. It worked for me.

- Sophie B., Culinary Chef

The noise was constant and out of control after a rock concert. I saw Doctors,acuponturist,massotherapists,used medication with no success. Stimulating my brain with PAXX realy saved me.

- Bernrad C, Student

As a constuction worker,exposure to noise for so many years caused my earing loss and my Tinnitus,I am still using PAXX after 9 months on an ocasional base just to maintain. It Has been graet for me.

- Remy C, House Builder

Unlike other products, the sounds of PAXX are designed to facilitate habituation to tinnitus, not to mask it. Research has shown that habituation to tinnitus by retraining the auditive cortex reduces the perception of tinnitus.

By stimulating the frequency region corresponding to the hearing loss, we compensated for the decrease in firing rates in the auditory nerve fibers caused by hearing loss and thereby prevented the cascade of central changes (release from inhibition) that would normally lead to cortical tonotopic map reorganization (Norena et al., 2002; Norena and Eggermont, 2003).

PAXX has been used by hundreds of patients at the Montreal's Tinnitus Clinic over the last 10 years.

It is now available for order in more than 20 countries

Tinnitus Treatments

The treatment consists of three phases:
  1. Enrichment phase: daily listening of PAXX enriched acoustical environment for three months.
  2. Stabilisation phase: every other day listening to PAXX, or when needed (3 to 12 months).
  3. Maintaining phase: after these two phases, use PAXX when needed to maintain the beneficial effects.

More information is given in the patients manual.

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