Hearing Aid

Clinical evidence shows that the use of hearing aids in tinnitus patients provides two benefits:

  1. it makes the patient less aware of the tinnitus
  2. it improves communication by reducing the annoying sensation that sounds and voices are masked by the tinnitus.

Hearing aids and Accessories

Hearing is good! Understand is even better!

Our Audioprothésist offers digital hearing solutions with latest and cutting edge technology for speech understanding in noisy places.They are available in all the different models and styles. In Quebec, the RAMQ, the CNESST, Veterans and others, are organizations who pay for hearing aids according to criteria of eligibility which audiologist, audioprothesist, ENT physician who can inform you.
* Mandatory Prescription

perte auditive ear lossOur hearing aids allow you to rediscover the pleasure to get together with friends and family, you feel more confident at work, and enjoy movies, music and television.

Wearing a hearing aid, is enjoying his five senses. Do not wait...
Meet a hearing Audiologist!

prothese-auditive-ts-beltoneHearing loss reduces stimulation from external sounds resulting in increased awareness of tinnitus and deprivation of input may change the function of structures of the auditory pathways. Tinnitus is often caused by expression of neural plasticity evoked by deprivation of auditory input. With hearing aid amplification, external sounds can provide sufficient activation of the auditory nervous system to reduce the tinnitus perception and it may elicit expression of neural plasticity that can reprogram the auditory nervous system and thereby have a long-term beneficial effect on tinnitus by restoring neural function.

To obtain the best results, hearing aids should be fitted to both ears, use an open ear aid with the widest amplification band, and disabled noise reducing controls. In some cases a combination device would be preferable. The conditions required in order to obtain good results include not only the use of devices, but above all, their adaptation to the needs of the single patient, by counseling and customization. Wearing the hearing aid must become second nature to the patient even though it is only one element of the therapy.

A New Technology

prothese-auditive-ts-beltone2Luckily, tinnitus is rarely emergent of more than 10 dB with regard to the hearing threshold and a noise of some supplementary decibels in the zone of the tinnitus allows an effective masking. The amplification depends moreover on the intensity of the sound environment of the patient. The more the met intensity will be weak and the more the amplification of the zone of the tinnitus will have to be important, without leading however to a subjective annoyance. The amplification must be able to exercise a masking of the tinnitus in a quiet environment, what sometimes leads) to an amplification more important than for a classic equipment.

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